Eat fat, get skinny

Eat fat, get skinny

I’ve always been the skinny one. I was able to eat whatever I wanted. I ate Taco Mayo, candy, chips, soda, all the really goooood tasting stuff. And I never gained weight. Until I met my future husband. Then I gained 190 pounds! Haha, just kidding, I love you babe! We ate out, we were fat and happy and in wuuuuv.

On my eat-whatever-I-want diet I gained 5 pounds, then 10. Then when we got married and I had babies. My weight, naturally, yo-yoed a bit. Breastfeeding helped, but there was a little cushion left over. Last summer after a pretty stressful year (wah, cry me a river), I weighed myself for the first time in a looooong time. I weighed 155 lbs. Um, wow. That’s 30 pounds more than I weighed in high school. Twenty pounds more than college. I was in denial. I stepped off the scale and let it reset. Stepped back on. I did this three or four times. Then I stepped out of the bathroom. And then I went back in and weighed myself again. There it was, staring back at me. One hundred and fifty-five pounds. 

Now, I know there are women out there reading this that want to ring my neck. “I would kill to be 155!” But here’s the thing, 155 was OK. But it wasn’t great. And it wasn’t what I wanted. I had a sizable poochy tummy. Pint-size asked me several times if I was pregnant again. So, 155 was not for me.

I knew I could be a healthier weight. I do not want to be 125 again – that’s ridiculous for 5’9″. I think 135 is ambitious but I’m not going to let fear get in the way. I want to be 135 and I’m going to be 135.

So, I decided to do something about it. Hubs had a lot of success with a diet a year ago…maybe I could try it for a bit.

Since early January Hubs has lost 29 pounds and I’ve lost 15 pounds!!  

We changed our diet. We have ONLY changed our diet*. We still get to eat some of our very favorite foods: Buffalo Wings, bacon, sauteed fresh okra (OK, that’s one of my favorites), eggs, butter, bacon, steak, and bacon. Did I mention bacon?

The reason we can eat this stuff is because we’re on the Ketogenic diet. Your body needs fat (yes, saturated fat, too) to operate properly. Fat makes up the majority of our cells’ membranes! The brain and body actually prefer using ketones (natural and normal chemical reaction in the body for energy) and run 70% more efficiently than when using glucose (excessive amounts of carbohydrates are broken down into glucose in the body) for energy. Fat does not make you fat. I promise. Sugar and carbs make you fat, if you eat too much of them. The Western diet we’re accustomed to has way too many carbohydrates in it. The food pyramid the FDA (or is it USDA? YMCA? ABC?) has been pushing since I was kid has grains as the lowest and biggest chunk of the pyramid. Grains are not bad. Eating 300+ grams of grainy-sugary carbohydrates in a day is bad. Especially for our mostly sedentary lives. My goal is to eat around 15-20 net carbs a day. And I’ve lost 15 pounds since January 6. Do the math.

We eat high fat, moderate protein, low carb. This diet is not just for thinner women to lose a little weight, either. This diet has been transforming late-stage type 2 diabetics into healthier people who don’t need to medicate anymore. It helps obese individuals get to healthy weights! People are dropping HUNDREDS of pounds in a year, in a healthy way. Their blood pressure goes down, their HDL levels go a little higher, their LDL levels go much lower, their triglyceride levels go way down. (those are all good things)

I feel so much better. Eating fatty foods, protein, and veg all day keeps my energy level even. No more afternoon slump. No more hungry thirty minutes after I’ve eaten. I miss doughnuts, milk chocolate (I can eat really dark chocolate once in a while), cake, ice cream, candy… But I’ll shamefully quote Kate Moss here, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” I seriously feel better, my clothes fit better and I have more energy. I get up in the morning and I’m not stumbling around like a zombie. My acne is all but gone – seriously, this is amazing. I’ve struggled with it for years! I can tell if I have “treated” myself a little too much and let too many carbs slip in…I break out!! Then I look at the zits and say, “With God as my witness….I WILL NEVAH EAT CARBS AGAYUN!”

I will note that the couple of times when I couldn’t take it anymore, I would sneak a piece of candy or eat a small piece of bread -but the fleeting sweetness fell flat after I swallowed. Think about what that Little Debbie doughnut is doing for you. It’s not nutritious. The only pleasure is the taste in your mouth. It’s awesome, don’t get me wrong. But I pay for that doughnut twice. I pay the clerk at the store for it, then I pay for it in belly fat bucks. Belly fat bucks are a long-term investment. A bad one. I will say: I still enjoy a Little Debbie morsel every once and a while BUT – I don’t feel the need to eat a whole package anymore. I taste and savor things differently now.

Comment below if you have any questions. Chad and I belong to a forum on Reddit specifically for keto. You might check it out. They have an FAQ that might help if you’re interested in trying it.

And our journey isn’t finished. We’re still pushing each other to be healthier and make better choices. It’s so nice having a buddy!

*We are investigating how to add exercise to our lives. When you find that sweet spot of two full-time working parent, two kids under 8 and taking care of all the other “stuff” of life, let me know how that works. 😉


5 thoughts on “Eat fat, get skinny

  1. I assume that keto is similar to paleo? I’ve been leaning that way for a year and a half and I whole heartedly agree with you! It’s the simple sugars that jack me up–body fat, digestion, skin, energy levels, mental clarity, EVERYTHING.

    Great post, too!

    1. Keto is similar to paleo only in that you restrict sugar and carbs, but I don’t eat a lot of fruit (because they’re still high in net carbs). I also eat dairy and eggs. And there aren’t restrictions on the types of meat and artificial sweeteners (except when it comes to sugar alcohols but that’s a whole other can of worms).

      The plan is to get to goal weight and we’ll add some fruits back in to our diet.

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