There are those who are destined for greatness and those who have greatness thrust upon them. Or some such nonsense.

We’ve had a rough year. Lots of ups and downs and curve balls. We keep rolling with the punches and keep getting up.

About 90% of our stuff is in storage. We’re surviving in a “transition” time in our lives with clothes, shoes, computer, toiletries, some toys, some yarn and needles, beds and our dressers. Nothing else. That being said, we of course have access to medicines, cookery, washing machine and dryer, fridge, range, etc.

It is amazing how freeing it is to be living with the bare minimum. I go shopping at Target and see all the lovelies and think, do I really want that? I don’t even ask myself if I need it. If I needed it, I wouldn’t be having an internal dialogue about it. 

I find myself waiting to have a need first. It’s amazing how freeing it is to not feel that need to strive and go go go go go. I live most of my days in the moment. I’m not constantly worrying about how my house looks, or reorganizing this junk or buying the latest tupper-store-it-all-with-ease contraption.

The question boils down to what can you take with you? What can you pack up and take to the nursing home? to the safety of your lawn if your house burns down? to Heaven? Think about the days after your death. Your children or grandchildren are sad, probably remembering all sorts of things about you. Conversations, the small moments that made up your day-to-day routine with them, how you treated them. Then they have the burden of deciding what to do with all your stuff. Do you have a closet full of junk and knick knacks that aren’t worth anything and that will cost more money to send to the dump than you even spent on them? I’m preaching to myself here, people. I shudder to think of all the things I would buy at the dollar spot only to have it fall apart and be thrown away. Sometimes, as I’m letting the kids plunder through the junky toys (I hardly ever let them buy anything like that now) I think through a process of “Do I want to become the middle man?” Essentially for a lot of the dollar store-type toys it’s just a matter of time before you toss them in a landfill. Do I want to be the person who puts it there? I don’t! Why waste the time and money on something I don’t need and just be a keeper of the thing for a couple of weeks?

I want to take more memories. I want to remember how we used to go to the museum with the kids, going on hikes, playing board games, flying kites. Memories don’t take up physical space and you can have as many as you want!

There are so many things worth my time and money. Junk to fill up space isn’t it! I would much rather give like there’s no tomorrow instead of hoarding like there’s no tomorrow. After all, you can’t take it with you.


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