“We Don’t Have TV”

“We Don’t Have TV”

You run into it all over the internet (or at church or at the market). A parent, a minimalist, a budgeter… “We don’t have TV.” It’s a great way to make someone feel a little worse about plunking their kids in front of Dora, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, or Bubble Guppies. The conversation could go like this:

Person A: “Did you catch Downton Abbey/Walking Dead/Big Bang Theory?”

Person B: “No, we dont have TV.”

Person A: “Oh. Ok. Well…”I read a comment on Jon Acuff’s Blog where someone with a very superior air commented: “We don’t have TV.” He sounded so sure of his minimalist, moral status as an amazing human being who doesn’t sink to the level of a plebeian Boob Tuber only to say three comments later, “well, of course we watch SHOWS, but no cable TV at our house.”What!?!? Didn’t you JUST say that you didnt have TV!?

Here’s the thing. There must be a distinct difference between “We don’t have TV” and “We don’t have A TV.”

My high school physics teacher told us he was going to retire to his cabin where he did not have running water, electricity, nor a television. He relies solely on a ham radio or other such things, but no TV. Now THAT is someone I believe when he says he doesn’t have TV. Somehow the phrase “we don’t have TV” does not mean a television SET, rather it means you don’t have cable. So, take heart moms and dads who don’t pay extra for cable either, the high ground your compadres inhabit may be closer than you think.

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