Potty Mouth

Potty Mouth

So, I come from a non-Christian background. Cussing was a no-no for a child but when you were older, it was more generally accepted. I grew up hearing lots of cuss words. I bet I know them all. That being said, I make a concerted effort not to cuss. (I love the word cuss, though. Say it out loud. It sounds fun, doesn’t it? — In fact, I love in Fantastic Mr. Fox when they use the word cuss instead of cussing.)

I make up other words in their place.

“Fudge!” is one such substitution. It kinda sounds like the word it replaces, unfortunately. I’ve been saying it for a long time. Finally Hubs asked me one day, “Do you use things you like as your cuss words?”

A light bulb went off and I realized I have a lot of different euphemisms at my disposal. Here are a few.

“Baby toes!”


“A clean house!”

“Emptied dishwasher!”

“Sunny day!”

“Glass of red wine and a hot bath with a Better Homes and Gardens magazine!”

That last one would be a bit long, but if I had stubbed my toe, for example, by the time I was done it would hurt less and would also effectively be my “count to 10” exercise. Brilliant!

What are some things you love that you would shout at a moment of anger/pain/exasperation that might lighten your spirits?


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