I do things the hard way

I do things the hard way

Apparently, I like to do things the hard way.

  • I exclusively breastfeed, which means that my baby has to be close to me at all times, I can’t go out much, I don’t get many breaks.

I exclusively breastfeed, so my daughter has the perfect food. I’m setting her up to have a healthy weight the rest of her life, she’s operating in perfect harmony with her GI tract, I get to bond with her like no one else can. I have the ability to produce more than enough milk, which means that I never feel stressed about if I’m “making enough.” She is happy and her needs are met. 

  • I cloth diaper. (Is cloth diaper a verb? It is now.) Which means more laundry, the danger of leaking and my baby’s got back.

I cloth diaper. I have saved at least $200 and she’s only 3 months old. She doesn’t have any problems with diaper rash. I’m being “green.” I do use disposables at night and sometimes when we’re out and about, but that’s because I’m not crazy.

  • I watch kids while I stay at home. This means more noise more snacks, more diapers, more spit up and a little less hair on my head.

I watch kids while I stay at home. I make almost the same amount I would have been bringing home if I had decided to stay at work and put both kids in daycare. (Thank God I don’t have to use daycare!!) BabyGirl has a friend (a week older than her) that comes over one morning a week, which is… challenging. But when they get old enough to play together, it’s going to be so much fun! Pint-size loves having his friend over to play everyday after school. It keeps him stimulated and having fun and I don’t have to hear, “Mommy, can I watch a video?” all the time. Yesterday, Pint-size asked why his friend wasn’t coming over and I told him his mommy got off work early and was at home with him. He slumps in his seat and says, “Moooommm, I’ve been waiting for this playdate FOREVER.” “You mean, since yesterday afternoon?” “FOREVER, Mom!”

  • I pack Hubs’s and Pint-size’s lunches everyday.

I pack my husband’s and son’s lunches everyday. There’s nothing like opening a lunch that someone else has packed for you. I remember loving to open that lunch pail or paper sack and seeing my mom’s love all over the sandwich, chips and cookie she put in there. It’s a hassle to pack lunches, but it saves us a beaucoup of money (which I think is pretty obvious I’m crazy about). I love knowing what Pint-size has eaten (I always get the leftovers, if there are any, in his box) and controlling what he eats. More fruit, more veggies, more balanced meals.

  • I grocery shop with kids.

Just so I can feel  alive.

I guess I just like doing things the hard way.


4 thoughts on “I do things the hard way

  1. Morgan! I found this particular blog so helpful! This is exactly what I want to do too! And even if it is the harder way, it’s worth it for healthier, happier kids and family in the long run. Did I tell you Kianoosh and I are pregnant?! We are due March 5th and find out the gender late September. We are so excited! I could learn a lot from you and Alyssa on this stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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