My Ring

My Ring

My ring is pretty special. In February 2006 my husband came into Gamestop, where I was working at the time. I remembered it was a slow night, already dark outside. He had just come from work and looked like he was…blushing! He always has this great little half smile when he comes to see me. I think it’s because every time I see him I smile. 🙂 Yeah, we’re dorks.

I remember exactly where we stood as he handed me a little red box. Inside was a fuzzy black ring box. I opened it up and inside was my engagement ring. I remembered telling him, “at least ask me or get on your knee!” Heh. He didn’t have to. We had been engaged for several months. I remember going into the jewelers and saying we have X amount, what can you show us? We bought it with cash. We’ve always had trouble with living beyond our means and we have credit card debt, blah blah blah, but this…this was special, we never had to make any payments on it. It was ours. We found the perfect ring with a dream cut diamond, wonderful clarity (I can’t remember the letter it was, but it was darn near perfect). We also found the wedding bands, super simple, just our taste. My dad even mentioned when I was wearing it that it was just right and that it was clean and simple and pretty. (and being an unabashed Daddy’s girl, I was very pleased). He brought me the ring while I was at work because he didn’t want to delay even an hour for me to get off work in order to give it to me. He brought it straight from the jewelers to me. This little detail makes me blush even now. He couldn’t wait to say I was his.

I don’t remember when Chad officially asked me to be his wife, but it was really early on. We had agreed that we wanted to get married, wanted children, etc. We also got matching “promise” rings from James Avery that we starting wearing in December 2004. We new after dating for two months, the search was pretty much over.

Chad used to, instead of always saying he loved me, would say, “Five and a half.” It was my ring size. He used to say it because it was a reminder that he knew my ring size and that he wanted to put a wedding ring on my finger one day. He did it all the time. I would get all giggly and blush, and I LOVED it.

I knew we were getting married, we had a date, we were working on the invitations, the decorations, I was wedding shopping, but the ring made it official. When I slipped that ring on, it was done. He wanted me and he had reserved me as his. No one else could have me. I was taken. I breathed a sigh of relief when I slipped that little band on my finger. It was mine forever. I have worn it every day for almost five years.

I took off the ring last night. Not because I’m not married anymore, of course, but because my fingers are swelling!! I knew it would happen, but last night my fingers were feeling particularly chubby. Sigh. Pregnancy swelling. Sheesh.

It’s still my ring, and I’m still wearing it, albeit on my necklace, but it makes me sad. It’s weird not wearing it on my finger right now. My finger feels…wobbly without it! Lighter and also, wrinkly. It’s all pruney and weird.

Stupid ugly finger.

Laughlady signing off! XD


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