Beach Ball Baby

Beach Ball Baby

I am 20 weeks along now.  I wish I had more energy to post more often about how this pregnancy is going, my daily thoughts on what it’s like feeling my second child growing inside me, but I find myself overwhelmed.  I’m working full-time, raising a son, keeping a house (which absurdly, I enjoy doing), teaching an art class on the side (if they’ll have me second semester!), staying close to my husband (which isn’t hard because we’re best friends) and having a little personal time.

A mish-mash of tweets and sporadic elaborations on the blog will have to do for now.


We’re having a girl!  We’re so excited!  Pint-size really wanted a baby sister, so this is perfect!  She’s doing really well and is healthy!  We can’t ask for more than that.  God is good and we are blessed.

I’ve been doing well, gaining weight (having finally gotten my appetite back).  But I’m feeling more and more uncomfortable.  I have to pee every half hour, thank you very much.  😦  And I am very uncomfortable in most seated positions.  It’s like there’s something large in my lap that makes it hard to lean forward or bend down to pick stuff up!  And it’s only going to get bigger.  I’ll make it through though, especially since I only have 20 more weeks.  🙂  And then I get to meet her!!  I love this part.  And I love the baby stage.  I really do.  It goes so quickly and I’m going to treasure it like I did when Pint-size was tiny.  I’m so grateful that I can have another and that it’s healthy and everything is going smoothly.  I know a lot of moms don’t have that.  I try to appreciate every day what I’ve been blessed with.

It’s funny when people ask me if I’ve picked out names or gotten the color scheme yet, and I’m like, “meh.  Not yet.”  With the second one, I’m just living day by day!  I’ve got plans, I’m just doing little bits here and there.  First off, to sell some furniture!  We’re going to have to do some major rearranging in the house to make room for another person!  It’s all going to be worth it.  😀

I’m so happy.

Laughlady signing off.


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